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How my sponsored links or banners will be placed on the page?

FSA now offers on the right side of the pages location for sponsored links in form of banners.

How much do these sponsored links or banners cost?

The sponsored links are very inexpensive.

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How to request a sponsored link?

Simply send email to with subject "New Sponsor Request" including your contact information, title and description or your banner (max. width 125px).

How do I pay?

Upon completing the form we will send you a link to go through PayPal to pay or we may agree on different types of payments for the sponsored link.

Can I advertise anything I want?

No inappropriate language - Your sponsored link cannot contain offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Appropriate for all audiences - Links are reviewed and categorized as "non-family safe," or "adult sexual content" on a case-by-case basis. These links may not be accepted on our ad network of sites. Please remember that the Internet is used by people of all ages, race, ethnicity and origin. Your links should be viewable for all audiences.
  • Use standard capitalization - Link text must be written with normal sentence capitalization. No excessive capitalization such as "FREE" or "BUY NOW." Capitalization of the first letter of each word within your displayed URL is permitted. However, capitalization of an entire word, or excess capitalization, is not permitted.
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    If so, then getting an FSA sponsored link is just the thing! Although extremely rare, please note that FSA will reserve the right to turn down any link whatsoever.

  • How quickly will my sponsored link be added to the rotation?

    As soon as possible! We usually respond to your request within 24 hours.

    Anything else I should know?

    Yes. Sponsored links are the responsibility of their owners. FSA assume no liability for claims made by our sponsors. Approval nor display of a link does not constitute an implied nor explicit endorsement of any website, product, or service.

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